Unique jewelry and accessories, including the Original Keepah™, for men and women made by Nate Hicks in So Po, Maine.




Nate Hicks is a Mainer whose upbringing fostered a love for the ocean, the mountains, the woodlands, and all of the people he met on his adventures along the way.


He discovered art and sculpture in high school, which led him to pursue a degree in Art at the University of Vermont. While there he discovered goldsmithing and jewelry design under the guidance of Laurie Peters and Timothy Grannis

Upon graduating from UVM he high-tailed it back to Maine to help out at his family's business, but he couldn't put aside his passion for working with his hands for long. When the time was right, he left his desk job to pursue welding and metal fabrication.

Fishbone Metal Works is a result of Nate's appreciation for his Maine surroundings and love for taking gritty, industrial mediums and turning them into things of adornment. 


As of July 2oth 2019 Fishbone Metal Works will be closed for the following year, taking a little break if you will. Don’t fret as we will be returning mid August 2020. If you are looking for a Keepah check out one of my retail locations, a limited stock is available through these locations.